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Domains promote your project and are at the same time an interesting investment
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At NICIT, you can inform yourself about how you can successfully employ domains for your projects and what factors are important for your domain selection. NICIT provides comprehensive news, tips, services and tools.
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NICIT has assembled an appealing domain catalogue with a user-friendly search and sort function, so that you can find what you are looking for. In addition to providing quality, NICIT constantly strives to emphasize the best value for your money among the proffered domains. You can assure yourself of this with a domain appraisal.
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Whether a large conglomerate or a private individual, everyone has the same chance to get a reasonable purchase price with our bidding system. Take note, however, that bids that are far too low usually lead to the seller’s quickly breaking off negotiations and blocking you from the domain. The bidding is not a poker game but a serious domain sale with which both buyer and seller must be satisfied.
transfer safely
Obtain the domain you want without risk from the integrated NICIT escrow service. You pay the purchase price to the NICIT escrow account, and the funds are paid to the seller when the domain has already been transferred to you.

Tip: Order a neutral domain appraisal before purchasing a domain and protect yourself from exorbitant price demands from the seller.

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