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You will recieve an individual appraisal for your domain. An experienced domain appraiser will analyze your domain and prepare an individual text to address the value of your domain. The analysis of you domain will be portrayed in detail e.g. how the domain can be used efficiently and what advantages it has; how strong the market is, the domain's branch and its the purchasing power; how pithy and unique the domain name is; what the market of interested buyers is is like, etc...

The appraisals will be sent to you per E-mail as PDF attachments and will be published online.If you do not want your appraisal to be published online, you can easily exclude the publication during the order transaction. Domains with an appraisal have preference on the NICIT domain market platform, e.g. special category display, positioning, bold type, integretion of appraisals.

You should also inform yourself about the standard domain appraisal in, our offer to legally review domain names and the opportunity for an independant rating of your domain portfolio and projects.

Order individual domain appraisals

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* Aufpreis bei Übersetzung in Englisch und Deutsch/Englisch:
5,- bei FirstView, 12,- bei Standard, 99,- bei Individual, 99,- bei Markencheck
** Please disable this button if the appraisal is NOT supposed to be available to the public!

Alle Angaben in Euro inkl. deutscher Umsatzsteuer.

Ihre Daten werden verschlüsselt übermittelt. NICIT GmbH Datenschutzerklärung nach DSGVO.

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