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Download Domain Sales Contracts that have been legally reviewed free of charge
A legally reviewed Domain Sales Contract / Project Sales Contract for download (already downloaded a thousand times)! FREE OF CHARGE!

Would you like to buy a domain or a project? We recommend that you carry out the purchase only with a legally reviewed NICIT Domain Sales Contract. This way you will radically limit possible legal risks that accompany such dealings. Through various options, the contract allows you to choose the payment method freely.

Domain Sales Contract

Our four page (letter size) contract, reviewed by a respected law firm and developed together with NICIT IT-Solutions GmbH, regulates the following points, among others:

  • Seller rights and obligations
  • Buyer rights and obligations
  • Liability regulation
  • Trademark conflicts in relation to the domain
  • Payment methods
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    Project Sales Contract

    In addition to pure domain names, in some cases you may want to buy or sell complete projects. A good contract is especially required because attention must be paid to numerous details. Here we put our heads together to take into consideration all possible aspects of such a deal, in order to achieve a fair contract basis for both parties to the highest extent possible. The result is available here - and best of all - registered users can obtain our Project Sales Contract free of charge!!!
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