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NICIT is one of the most important platforms for the secondary domain market in German-speaking countries, and it is increasingly present on the international market as well. The NICIT portfolio of services for domain owners is one of the most varied of its kind. NICIT GmbH was founded in 2000 by Daniel Kollinger ( born in 1974, business administration graduate) and Maximilian Heinrich (born in 1978, web developer), both of Freiburg i. Br. Their first online operation took place in February 2001. The largest re-launch of the website so far took place in March 2007. It was introduced at CEBIT 07 in Hannover and it resulted in gaining new customers, reactivation of previous and/or inactive customers and consequently in a significant increase of the market share with continuous growth rates. Through constant professionalization and increase of capacities, NICIT services are able to provide the necessary quality, service and usability required by a strongly growing and demanding market with the primary aim to fulfill customer needs. For the purpose of further development, NICIT is not only open for new cooperations, but it already maintains cooperations with well-known companies such as: YAHOO, XING, MARKENBUSINESS, as well as with other Internet-oriented businesses.

NICIT – brand, the name
NICIT is a registered trade name since 2000. NICIT consists of two word parts: NIC (Network Information Center, the name given to many domain management centers) and IT (it can mean Information Technology or the English "it", NICIT has left this interpretation open) and therefore NICIT is pronounced as [NICKIT] with "K", and it is normally pronounced as one word.

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Viktor-Kollefrath-Str. 9
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Tel. +49-(0)7822 86 19 367
Fax +49-(0)32 22 929 1976

GF: Daniel Kollinger
Reg. Freiburg HRB 6473
Ust.Id: DE 213.325.942

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