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Make a successful start now in the domain business!
Domains are pieces of real estate and shopping promenades in the internet age. NICIT is your ideal marketing tool in order to be able to participate in this lucrative domain market!
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Put your domain(s) on NICIT’s domain market at no cost and without obligation. A sales provision incurs only when you successfully sell your domain(s) with us.
inform yourself extensively
NICIT offers comprehensive information to allow you to arrange your domain trading as simply and effectively as possible. NICIT provides you with an unique range of services and tools. To assist in pricing, we have domain appraisals.
negotiate professionally
Negotiate online with your interested parties. NICIT offers you a clear bidding tool with which you can easily tender or accept counteroffers, for example. So that you don’t miss a bid, you will be informed by us via E-mail.
transfer safely
Transfer sold domains without risk with our integrated NICIT escrow service. With immediate effect, you approve of a domain transfer only if the purchase price has also been securely received in our NICIT escrow account.
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