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all about names

The Company

Founded as a limited liability company in December 2000.

About a year after the so-called "dotcom bubble", we switched online and started as a domain service provider. For young people today, it may sound amazing that we started before a platform like Youtube.


Our credo "all about domains" switched to "all about names", due we also invent brand names or secure social media IDs.


Our partners are active in domains, brands, web development, consultancies or sales agencies. 

We look forward to new partnerships and your contact.

let´s talk.

Customers and references

Our activity as well as the domicile of our clientele is international, but Germany still has the largest share. The sizes of our customers range from small businesses to corporations. Discretion is very important due to the character of our strategic activities, but we gladly describe reference examples on request.

The brand name NICIT

NIC is a technical term in the field of domain registration, namely that the domain administrators of the countries are called Network Information Center. For example DENIC, the German administration office for .de domains.


NICIT is registered in Germany, as well as EU-wide as a brand name. You can reach our websites through many important top-level domains, such as .com, .eu, .de.


The brand name is spoken in two parts as "NIC-IT".