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naming and domains are connceted

We develop new names for you for your product, service or company name. then complete your portfolio with the missing domains and social media accounts. It's about securing the online accessibility of your brands. let´s talk how we could help you.

domain broker

NICIT executes the purchase of domains on behalf of our clients. With more than 15 years of experience in international acquisitions of domain names and websites you are in good hands with us.

NICIT carries out the entire process from the owner search, the evaluation, the negotiation, the contractual fixation and the settlement as / with trustee (s) to the successful transfer. We are happy to assist you in advance with the strategic considerations. Tell us your desired domain or your desired website.

For owners of high-quality domain names who are interested to sell them we offer our negotiation service too. Let´s talk about it.

domain registration management

In cooperation with our accredited partners, we now offer about 1,000 different domain endings (TLDs). We cover your international expansion and your marketing campaigns with domain names globally. This is followed by our domain and DNS management as a service. Our corporate clients have it easy. domain adjustments we set up after a short message as desired. Gain more time for your own business now. For customers who would like to administer their domains with us, suitable domain registration platforms are available too. Let´s talk.

domain valuation

NICIT stands for high quality analysis of domains, domain portfolios and websites. Domain names are among the digital assets that have gained immense value in recent years. There are different reasons why a party may be interested in domain valuation or appraisals. We bring the experience of the last decades with us and can respond individually and case-specific. we have background as a independent expert and issue a corresponding domain appraisal. In our shop, we also offer short versions of appraisals, which can be very helpful for a quick value assessment of your domains. But contact us first.